Let's talk about my credit card information!

Ok, great! We store the following card information- last 4 digits, expiry, and card type. We use the same 3rd party card processor as most of your favorite companies operating digital payments. Visit Stripe for more information.



When do you charge my card and take payment?

All service call payments are processed at the END of the repair. Upon completion, we will calculate any time + materials, then send an invoice via email with a complete breakdown

Does my job require a building permit?

The short answer here is No. Although your job might require a building permit, Handiwerx does not engage in projects that require building permits. Our system allows us to reject jobs outside of our wheelhouse. The email that follows will explain why we rejected your request and provide you access to our network of contractors who are better equipped to handle your repair. Each Municipality has different requirements, so be sure to check  with the city you live in before getting your hands dirty!

Can I reschedule my request?

Yes, if you have downloaded the mobile app. To accomplish this, open the side menu and find "my services". Tap the service request you're looking to update. This fancy trick will bring you back through the booking process... if you change your mind mid-way, no big deal! Tap the arrow in the top left corner of your screen...Your original appointment will still be here waiting on ya!

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Lots of it! Infact, Every technician that enters our system is required to provide us current documentation of liability insurance as part of our vetting process. 

What if I am a property manager?

We got you covered! Manage the requests for your properties from your smart phone, or request web access (Admin). We also give you the power to create and issues service codes for your tenants. It's a simple process- 1). create a new service code from your mobile app dash board 2). share with your tenants 3). control the repairs- accept or reject!   This allows the tenant to book & schedule repairs coordinated around their schedule. You, the property owner, to control & manage all the details related to your properties.Our process also free's up your time time spent negotiating costs, sorting out calendar conflicts, coordinating property access, and translating the extent of the repair from tenant to technician.

Can I refer my friends and family?

Yes, please do! We have a fancy little option built right into our mobile app specifically for this. It's easy as pie!- tap the "refer friends" option, select the perferred method to share, and voila! Pro Tip- Referrals on social media outlets (nextdoor, facebook, ect..) are also welcome

Do you offer bulk pricing?

This depends on the intimate details of the scenario. In most cases, we charge everyone with the same formula. Good service at a fair price! However, if you're a... let's say landlord with a heavy amount of requests, we do offer profile discounts which will provide a percentage off of every request, however you lose the ability to participate in all other promotions. Contact us here for a discount--> Hook me up!

What are your hours of Operation?

We're out saving the world one house at a time Monday through Saturday. Here's a break down of our hours of operation: 

MORNING (9am to 12pm) 

AFTERNOON (12pm to 3pm) 

EVENING (3pm to 6pm)

Who can I talk to?

After your request has been picked up by one of our trusty & talented technicians, a line of communication opens between the two of yous! This allows you to text chat with your service provider (or vise versa) in the event something changes... Life happens, we're flexible!

Booking service- Can you fix this?

If you're looking at the service options and scratching your head in an attempt to activate the power of a good brainstorm, lets step back for a moment to have a little pep-talk. The service icons are a general base to start from. Select the icon that is closest to your repair needs, then provide us a description of this repair issue. We also ask for a photo or video of the repair as part of our booking process, to ensure we can handle this request. 

48hr Repair call back window

We try our best to fix it right the first time, however, somethings are out of our control and may require additional love. In the event your repair didn't go as planned and you need us back out, please use the repair call back feature. When the job is finished, the chat feature will remain open for an additional 48 hours which allows users to give us another chance to make things right.  

Please cancel my subscription package!

If you've subscribed to one of our recurring maintinance packages and would like to cancel the service, Here's the run down- Tap "subscription services" and locate the package with the bold red backdrop, Tap it and locate "unsubscribe"  at the bottom of the screen and tap! Be sure to cancel a day ahead of your scheduled service date to avoid paying for additional service. 

What is a subscription package?

These pre-packed maintinance offerings are designed to help you stay on top of common household items that get tuned out by the white noise of a busy life. Often times, homeowner's find it difficult to keep track of when and what was done, and in some cases, who dun it!? These packages allow you to go on full auto-pilot! We provide the supplies, the elbow grease, and a mobile platform to allow clock work accuracy. We also send reminder emails in advance, in case you forget! 

Can I provide Materials for my repair?

Yes, in some scenarios this is the best possible option. Materials for your repair that have a design element invloved, typically is best sourced by the owner of the joint! Light fixtures, paint colors, tiles, carpets, shades/curtains/blinds, bathroom decor, you name it! These are just some of the items a homeowner will encounter that require some personal touches. Be sure to pick up the correct material for your application. Pro tip- Book your service a few days in advance so you can reach out to your technician for any advice or feedback before you shop.

Materials on invoice

Some of the materials we use to service your repair, we will have on-hand in our vehicle. We have a list of common items such as fasteners, shims, caulking, primer, toilet parts, tape, and many more non-descript items that we calculate and itemize out on your final invoice. For those repairs that require us to buy materials on behalf of you, we will attach a photo of the reciept of these items which can be viewed along with photos of your repair when completed. We charge a small additional markup fee for store bought materials, which is added to the final cost of the merchant reciept. 

My tenant made a service request... Now What?

Take a look at the side menu, find "additional property" and tap the sign to expand the menu. At the bottom of the drop down list, you'll find "service requests." This is the final destination for your tenant's request before entering into the system. This check point gives you, the property owner, final say. Here you will be able to accept the request and send it into the network, or you can reject the repair and sort out the details with your tenant later.... Your call!

What is the purpose of the review and 5 star rating?

Glad you asked! 5 star rating- a technicians rating is based on an overall average. This allows the users (like yourself) to provide feedback that helps us track & control quality standards, organically. The review- All reviews post to our website cover page. This allows anyone who visits our website to scroll through and read real, unedited reviews of their repair. PRO TIP- If you're unsure Handiwerx is the right fit, and you'd like a few references, visit the website to look through the reviews of other users in your city.

How do you prevent fraudulent charges?

We have many safety features buit into our platform to ensure all business is above boards. With each service request, if a service technician buys materials on your behalf, a photo of the receipt is required for reimbursement. We also have a cap rate on all products which limits the amount charged per transaction to ensure you won't find any surprises on your invoice!



Can I see my spending history?

Yes you can, In fact we're going to email it to you! Open the side menu in the mobile app, find Settings and tap. Locate Export Expense and tap again. This process will automatically send your report to the email associated with your account

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