• Pre-booked Jobs, Not leads!
  • Customer retention (Use exclusively with your clients, or tap into ours)
  • Job history management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Collective Marketing, branding, & vendor discounts
  • Pre-set pricing on labor & materials


  • General Liability Insurance (500K minimum)
  • Dedicated Work vehicle
  • Related tools to accompany your experience
  • Clean background (to access customers outside of your network)
  • Valid Identification/Driver's License (18+)
  • Bank account


  • 15% per transaction until 2021.
  • ZERO signup fees.
  • ZERO hidden fees.
  • Cancel your account anytime.
  • $35.00 background check (if you choose to open your network).
  • Quick turn-around time on payments (directly deposited into your bank account).

How it Werx

We aim to eliminate the office work related to the job and allow you to focus on doing the task at hand.Our process is seamless, from the customer request to the direct deposit of your earnings. The software is available to use exclusively with your own clients, or build your clientele with Handiwerx users after passing a full spectrum background check.



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